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Sitting in the Gap – January 2016

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Let us talk about what is to come.  There has been a lot of talk and we have been hearing a lot of things about how it is not essential to know what is to come anymore and you only need to be here to be involved in it.  While there is some truth and validity in that, we would ask you to focus your attention on what is to come because that is the space in which the New Humanity emerges.  In fact we encourage all of you to look forward all of the time.  In fact if you are looking forward you cannot look back and therefore you cannot be in prediction about what can happen, and you are free and open to where the energy takes you.

This solar year emerging for the planet is truly a year of exploration – 2016.  The critical mass of humanity has actually already moved into 5th dimensionality and beyond.  This is the year in which things actually need to permeate into physicality so that you start believe it, because the only thing you have been able to believe thus far is that you are out of sync with everything else.  There are moments that you have synergy, there are moments where it suddenly makes sense and you feel as if you are in rhythm, and then the rest of the time you feel as if you are completely apart from what is happening.  And yet we say unto you: now that the critical mass has shifted you are going to start to see more permanency in that place of synergy for you.


How is it that synergy can become permanent?  (The minds are shuffling at this time!)  Because synergy is a state of constant.  Consciousness is actually in a state of constant.  Everything you have been understanding is that consciousness moves, grows and envelopes and manifests; that is how it appears in 3rddimensionality.  Why?  Because 3rd dimensionality requires movement.  True?  Therefore the human understanding of consciousness is in this world consciousness moves, it evolves, it does things.  And yet when you move into 5th dimensionality consciousness is all about synergy, it is about reflection.  Consciousness reflects to, it meets you, greets you and agrees with you.  It replicates, it tessellates.  This is the way in which consciousness behaves in the 5th dimension.  In multi-dimensionality, consciousness only does one thing.  It exists and is very very still in its existence. So we say to you that the synergy that you have been starting to experience, the synchronicity that you have started to experience actually starts to become constant.

What that means is there is stillness in everything that you do and agree to do with it.  Thus resistance becomes a thing of the past.  How many of you believe you have inner resistance?  Surprise – all of you!  You often believe that if you have inner resistance that you have spiritual resistance. And yet we say unto you this: when you have shifted over and some of the old systems on the planet have not yet gone, the resistance is actually no longer internal anymore. It is in your external world.  Do you see?

This is going to challenge some of you because many of you have had the understanding (and this was very very popular in the 1990s on this planet and very popular in the early 2000’s) that whatever is going on within you is going on in your life.  If there is resistance within there is resistance without, if there is judgement in here there is judgement there, if there is anger here there is anger there.  That was true within that structure but now you are sitting in the New Energy and the new consciousness on the planet, and we say unto you that because the structures have not yet completely moved over (and you know this because there is still duality on the planet)- what happens is there is a gap that occurs, so there can be absolutely no resistance in you but there is still the same external reality.

So we want to be very clear with you at this time that you are not failing if you are seeing resistance in your life.  There is nothing that you need to do with that. There is nothing that needs correcting.  You have already shifted.  It is complete within you. What is not complete is that the physicality on the planet hasn’t caught up to you yet.  And this is going to be very obvious to you in the next 14 to 16 months.  You will be experiencing a stillness within you that is not being reflected externally and it can be a very challenging time and it is incredibly easy for the human to lose sight of the fact that they have moved because they say “well I am here why isn’t my life reflecting this?”  We say unto you this; it is humanity and the old structures because your life has already shifted.  It necessitates (in this 3rd dimensionality, lucky you- you are on Earth, this is how it works) that the physicality of something takes much longer to move.  You know that light moves faster…matter takes a little while.  And so it is the same with the structures on the planet.  Many of you have been through an unravelling, a shift, an earthquake in your life in the last 4 to 5 years.  True?

What you are seeing now and what is happening in 2016, 2017 and 2018 is the
“catching up” of the physical level, so we do want to be clear with you that we are not selling you a bed of roses.  We are not selling you the promised land that 2012 was purported to be. Internally it is, but externally the planet is taking time to readjust to that and is catching up.  So we say unto you Blessed Ones stay clear within yourselves that you have shifted, now you just need to be patient and still and quiet while the rest of your reality comes over too.  This will necessitate some of you moving forward and creating new things.  This will necessitate some of you continuing  on with your own personal still space because that is going to assist the mass consciousness in this change over period.  Are there any questions about this?  And yet we can hear the resistance!  Won’t it be lovely when there is a time when there is no talking required.  Then there will be nothing to believe except the One state.