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Debbi Dachinger - Dare to Dream - “Expect the Unexpected”

Want to learn how spontaneous action is the doorway to more?

– Hear the key to unlocking our limitation for experience and create beyond the mechanics of 3rd dimensional law and reality

– Rebecca Dawson has been a channel for information about the Earth, the human race and other planetary systems for 20+ years

– How the human blueprint is changing

  • Learn about spontaneous action being the doorway to more

Positive Life Magazine - “Igniting a New Reality”

We recently hosted the wonderful intuitive and channeller Rebecca Dawson

0:00 – Intro & Meditation

5:45 – Conversation With Rebecca

51:40 – Channeled Q&A with The Masters

Robert Manni - Guy’s Guy Radio - “International Channel/Author Rebecca Dawson”

Rebecca Dawson, who lives and works in Australia, is offering us a new way to experience life as Source. The Agreement is a profound mandate for us to return to this level of consciousness, and play our contributory role in the transition of all of humanity. In reading Rebecca Dawson’s remarkable book The Agreement, the reader will begin to grasp the infinite power available to us when we do, in fact, come into awareness and agreement of our true existence and how the world we experience will then come into agreement with us and who we truly are.

Bryn Edwards - The Creative Power of “I don’t know”

Consider a much higher perspective on our current situation as we welcome back WA real’s most downloaded guest of 2019, internationally renowned Channeler Rebecca Dawson.