Awaken Your Inner Self: New Kundalini Meditation

The New Kundalini Meditation offers a soul-stirring experience that goes beyond the surface to ignite your Cosmic essence . Bring your awareness back to your center and witness the transformation of memory and identity into a divine golden cord, your strength of Being.
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Ready to Amplify Your Awakening

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The 5D Human - Part 2/4: Abundance & Money

How does the experience of abundance and money change for the 5D human? Discover the mechanics of creation and abundance in a new paradigm of existence. Find ease and a sense of empowerment with this clear and concise wisdom from The Masters.
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Themes for 2023 - Channeled Message from The Masters

Discover the major collective and vibrational themes for humanity in 2023 as we begin not just a new year, but a new spectrum of vibrational frequency. Message from The Masters with channeler Rebecca Dawson.
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