Experience Transformation with Our New Kundalini Meditation

– Our Gift to You!

New Kundalini Meditation

Dive into your Internal Space,
and Ignite Your Inner Flame

Discover a transformative awakening, our gift, the channeled Meditation: New Kundalini. More than just a meditation, it’s an activation of the cosmic energy within you.

The New Kundalini Meditation offers a soul-stirring experience that goes beyond the surface to ignite your Cosmic essence . Bring your awareness back to your center and witness the transformation of memory and identity into a divine golden cord, your strength of Being.

Experience the shift from fragmentation of light into one eternal flame…a braiding of golden filaments as one central column of energy within the body.

All to the tune of the I AM.

Ignite Your Inner Flame

What to Expect
from the Experience:

  • An immersion that transcends everyday life and ordinary meditations
  • Rejuvenation of your awareness of your Cosmic center
  • A unification of fragmented aspects of yourself
  • An awakened sense of unity and the power of “I Am”
  • A powerful vibrational transmission from of The Masters

Are you ready to feel the power within?

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As we know, true power begins within. Let’s unite to guide you back to your Source  – the ultimate YOU.

Awaken the 'I Am' Within

What Our Members Say

I had been seeking and searching my whole life knowing that there was more than what was being presented to me, until I experienced something so profound and next level on this journey, that it catapulted me to a place where all I can say is, I’m no longer searching for the truth or to belong, I understand.

-Kim, Australia

I wanted to thank you deeply for the past month's webinar. It was very moving and inspiring to hear the Masters answer my question, and so many others questions that resonate so much at this time.

I also feel doors opening continuously as I'm catching up on previous webinars available on the site.

I absolutely love this month's meditation, I feel an intense feeling of joy and I find myself smiling continuously during this meditation 🙂 I usually fall asleep after meditation, but in this case, I just want to get up and go do things in the world! It's completely new to me!

Thank you for your presence.

-Paula, Portugal

I was very moved by what the Masters, you and the others share. I deeply felt and still feel the benefit and support of gathering in such a way...fascinating that such a warm and appreciative atmosphere was built up so quickly. I felt deeply connected!

-Frederike, Germany

Thank you Rebecca and The Masters…it was exactly what was needed for myself : the un-explainable of recent months explained; not that full understanding has fully arrived, yet somehow ...all is okay now.

-Bob, USA