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What is Channeling?

Channeling is the act of expressing or communicating from Source via a physical form, to bring wisdom and guidance to the human experience.

Channeling can take many different forms: through voice; artistic endeavors; music; inspired ideas; and the healing arts.

When Rebecca channels she usually does so with open eyes. Her voice changes, and her facial expressions and body language will often change to resemble the expressions of the Masters as they communicate through her. Sometimes these changes are very subtle, and sometimes they are more apparent. Rebecca does not go into a trance, rather her conscious awareness steps aside so the Masters can come through, She is fully aware of what is going on and is in complete control.

Channeling is a natural state that more humans will experience as they begin to express from Source wisdom. The birthright of all is to be able to freely initiate and express wisdom in this way.

What is “Consciousness” and “Source” that the Masters often refer to?

These words are often used interchangeably throughout Rebecca’s channelings, and refer to the One original life, energy and designer of all that exists throughout time and space and beyond. The Masters teach that forms of life are an expression of, manifestation of, or extension of this original One. ‘Source’ or ‘Consciousness’ have also been referred to as ‘God’, ‘Prana’ and many other names.

Who does Rebecca Channel?

Rebecca primarily channels three Master beings – Serapis Bey, St Germain and Kuthumi. Occasionally another Master will also offer guidance and wisdom.

The Masters are aspects of the One Source consciousness that express as particular personas or identities. They have manifested across time and space in many lifetimes on Earth and other planes of existence. They have also been referred to as Ascended Masters – although they prefer not to be known this way – instead they wish to collapse the perception of levels or hierarchy of spiritual understanding, and instead advocate for a unified vision of humanity’s collective capacity.

Can the Masters tell me what is going to happen?

The Masters will only bring forth information that is deemed to be most helpful and relevant for the present moment. While they have been known to advise on future possibilities and permutations, and reveal information from the past, the Masters are more likely to offer wisdom that assists in creating new perspectives and understandings of the current situation and reality. Depth rather than distance.

How Can I Prepare for a Private Session?

You do not need to prepare much for a Private Session, other than ensuring you are in a quiet and calm environment where you will not be distracted.
These sessions are not generally structured but tend to unfold in this way:
1. We have an opening conversation between yourself and I (Rebecca) in the first 5-10 mins – here we set the vibration and create context for our exploration. Sometimes people use this time to also layout questions they have prepared, others are simply happy to be open and see what The Masters wish to share as guidance, and allow them to take the lead (this is true in most cases).
2. The Masters join our conversation as channeled guidance. You have the opportunity to ask questions at any time – it is an organic conversation. You may also re-direct or ask for further clarification as we go along.
3. We complete the session (at around one hour) when clarity has been restored, and there are usually no more questions to be asked. This is almost always felt as a natural completion point for all in the conversation.
4. You will be sent the audio recording via email at the conclusion of the session.
Please do not be too concerned with how you are wording your questions. The Masters are looking at your blueprint and can usually see and articulate very clearly what you are experiencing/being challenged. The more relaxed you are, the more you will enjoy the experience.
I hear many describing the sessions as a meeting with an old friend who knows you very well.
Peace and Blessings `

How did Rebecca become a channeler?

A spontaneous event at the age of 18 while playing with some tarot cards revealed an innate ability to bring forth wisdom and truth from sources other than Rebecca’s own conscious awareness. This first channeling experience brought through the Being we know today as Master Serapis Bey, although at the time he identified himself as “Osiris”. Until she became used to his presence, Rebecca playfully referred to him as “Big Head” – as this is how her body felt when he came through her to speak. St Germain began to speak through her in 2008, and Kuthumi joined the team in 2013.

What’s the difference between a channeler and a psychic?

A channeler acts as a conduit for wisdom and information that is expressed from an aspect of ‘Source’ other than their own personal identity. A psychic person can intuit, see or sense that which is beyond the current limitations of 3rd dimensional time and space. All humans have a natural capacity for both psychic and channeling abilities.

Is Rebecca a “trance medium”?

No. Rebecca is fully conscious and present throughout the channelings. While she may not retain all of the information that is communicated from the Masters, she is listening to all that is being expressed. Rebecca also receives a multidimensional visual representation of the wisdom, including permutations of possibility, and glimpses along various timelines.

What is the planetary shift that the Masters often mention?

Many people are aware that a planetary shift is occurring. The “shift” is a gradual series of incremental changes in vibrational (light) frequency on the planet that has been occurring at an accelerating speed since the 1960’s. Since the mid 1990’s the human and planetary energy fields have begun to radically transform. Much of Rebecca’s channeling has been centered around these changes and what they mean for Life here on the Earth. Around 2002 a systemized deconstruction of constructed systems and electromagnetic grids has been occurring, making way for a subsequent emerging of the New Human and New Earth. This is the change that has been foretold for thousands of years on the planet. And for the first time in the planet’s history, mass change is occurring on levels that are not immediately visible but are felt in the emotional, mental and intuitive faculties. A cataclysmic event is not required to bring about the planetary shift. The changes are occurring on multiple levels currently and are visible in the physical realm only after they have occurred on other levels. After all, our physicality is that most dense part of ourselves and takes the longest to manifest (or “catch up”) with what is happening on the macroscopic scale.

These changes are what is enabling humanity to finally reveal and express natural multidimensional capacities for co-operation, collective awareness and creation. This is the New Human – coming out of a separation experience and into the knowing of the One Source.

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