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Embark on YOUR Transformational
Experience with Rebecca
& The Masters

Unleash the power within you and accelerate your awakening with our exclusive membership. Dive into a vast ocean of timeless wisdom, where the treasures of your innate potential await. At your own pace, explore a rich tapestry of guidance from The Masters, immersive courses, captivating seminars, and a curated collection of meditations that accelerate the expansion of your consciousness.

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Embracing You in a Space of Precious Wisdom, Embark on an exciting expansion of your Consciousness with Our Empowering Membership:

  • Monthly
    • Exclusive LiveStreaming Event
    • Members Only Audio Meditation
  • Access to Our Vibrant Community Forum
  • Exclusive Library Overflowing with Enlightenment
    • Access to our library containing all of the Masters content (continually updated), with 10 years of content and 100s of gems to engage with
    • Contains Articles, Precious Monthly Messages from the Masters, Meditations, Audio and Video Recordings, Seminars, Transcripts
  • Discount
    • 25% Digital Product Discount
  • Sign Up Bonus
    • Receive a complimentary and invaluable eBook, “The New Human Experience”.
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Join us today and accelerate your awakening!

$19.95 / month

$19.95 / monthSign up now

$199.00 / year 12 months for the price of 10 (a saving of $39.90)

$199.00 / yearSign up now

Unlock Exclusive Access to Limitless Possibilities

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Ignite Your Inner Light

Gain unprecedented access to The Masters themselves in our monthly channeled Q&A sessions. Immerse yourself in profound insights and receive answers to your burning questions. Delve into the topics that ignite your curiosity and uncover the depths of understanding that await you.

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Embrace a Community of Like-Hearted Explorers

Join our exclusive community of awakening souls in our monthly Wisdom Sharing Circles. Experience the embrace of a global network of kindred spirits, sharing stories, wisdom, and finding resonance with fellow explorers. This safe and supportive space nurtures your presence and provides an uplifting sanctuary for connection.

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Explore an Abundance of Wisdom

Delve into our treasure trove of knowledge with unlimited access to our ever-expanding library. Immerse yourself in a wealth of channeled content, including articles, precious monthly messages from The Masters, meditations, audio and video recordings, transcripts, and transformative seminars. Each visit unlocks new discoveries that empower your awakening.

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Accelerate your Expansion

As a valued member, enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on all digital products in our store. Nurture your awakening  with inspiring wisdom and transformative resources that amplify your awareness.

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Ignite the New Human Experience

As a special gift, embark on your transformational journey with a complimentary eBook, “The New Human Experience.” This profound resource encapsulates wisdom that assists you navigate the unprecedented times we find ourselves in at the dawning of the New Earth reality.

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There has never been a time like this on our planet, and now we are seeing the wisdom that the Masters have shared over the years become clearer and more relevant than ever before. These gems of wisdom have been preparing us for this time!

I invite you to join our community of New Humans and celebrate the dawning of the New Earth reality by becoming a member today.

The Moment Is Now!

Step into your true potential and celebrate the dawning of a New Earth reality. Join us and become a cherished member of our thriving community of New Humans. Your Greatness awaits!

Sign up now and ignite  your true potential.

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Join Our Community
of New Humans Today

Now is the time to step into your true potential and celebrate the awakening of the New Earth reality. Become a member of our thriving community of New Humans and unlock the limitless possibilities of your Being. Take advantage of our monthly or yearly membership options, with the yearly plan offering 12 months for the price of 10—a savings of $39.90.

Dive into your inherent capacity. Start your journey of limitless potential and join us today.

  • $19.95 / month OR
  • $199.00 / year, 12 months for the price of 10
    (a saving of $39.90)
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