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It is our joy and our privilege to be able to provide insight, provoke questions and provide new perspectives on what is possible: what IS, and what can be. We are not here to merely shift your view, we are here to ignite a new period of creation on this planet so that a whole new humanity can be birthed. It begins within each human.

If you would like to dive deeper into discovering more about Rebecca and the emerging possibilities for humanity, please contact us for an interview and press inquiries. Mail us at ignite@rebeccadawson.net


Instability in the New Energy

Sedona Journal Submission Nov 2018

Received August 2018 through Rebecca Dawson (with St Germain) 

Very well.  We are going to tell you a story.  Would you like to hear a story?  Would you like to know that you are the story?  We will start in a very traditional way as borrowed from this one’s (Rebecca’s) childhood memory.

Choosing Consciously

LA June 2018 Article #1

with St Germain (via Rebecca Dawson)

Do you know what the greatest problem on this planet is?  The greatest problem on this planet is your concept of yourselves.  Because from the moment that you are born you are perceived to be a problem.  Your parents love you unconditionally but there is a problem here.

Potential vs Prediction

Sedona Journal Submission August/Sept 2018

with Serapis Bey (Through Rebecca Dawson)

What you are experiencing is the beginning of freedom.  You are like the pip that is being squeezed out of the orange so you start to feel the pressure and you start to feel it pushing on you.  But you also know that as soon as you are shot out you will find a place to land.  So you are feeling squeezed but the squeeze is beneficial for you because not only is it going to provide you with the movement that is required it is also going to provide you with the momentum that is going to project you to where you need to be.


Received at BILTMORE, North Carolina, 21st June 2018

with St Germain

We are with you in every moment, in every cell, in every aspect of your being we are with you.  But you are here not so that you can discover us but so that you can discover that we are one and the same.