Live Stream Seminar 

Join Rebecca Dawson and The Masters for an exploration into the innate human capacity for creation as we discover the nature and function of Plasma – the formless form of “pre-matter”.

Discover the relationship between human biology, magnetic core energy and your ability to generate plasma within fields of resonance. 

Incredible wisdom is being revealed as humanity begins to remember and re-ignite its ability to create NEW experience. 

Depending on the time available, there will be opportunity for Q&A with The Masters, and even if you cannot join us live, register and you will receive the recordings.

This is a FREE seminar to bring this very important topic into conscious view to as many as possible during a time of incredible transformation. Invite your loved ones, friends, and share widely!

What an incredible time to discover MORE…

Duration:  45-60 mins

Time and Date:

  • Los Angeles: 5.30pm – Nov 22 (Monday)
  • New York: 8.30pm – Nov 22 (Monday)
  • Perth: 9.30am – Nov 23 (Tuesday)
  • Melbourne/Sydney: 12.30pm  – Nov 23 (Tuesday)
  • London: 1.30am  – Nov 23 (Tuesday)




Event Details

Day 1: 11/23/2021

Venue: Online