Live Stream Event with Q&A


90 Min Live Stream Event with Q&A

How do you define your purpose?

Many of us have experienced a changing view of how we see ourselves, our world and our reality. It is human nature to seek to find one’s place and point of reference in terms of WHAT WE DO. As we begin to awaken as a collective, this begins to change our view about what we believe our purpose is. 

But how do we see “purpose” itself? Can we still define it in terms of action and effect? Does our existence depend on the nature of purpose, or can we exist beyond it? Indeed, what is the function of purpose, and does it define us, assist us, or contain us?

Join Rebecca and the Masters for this provocative and powerful exploration into the very meaning of your existence, and discover a whole new view of yourself and your reality. 

Registrants will also receive a recording of the event, and will have the opportunity to ask questions via messaging during the presentation, just like a live seminar. 

As this is a live streamed event, the conversation is spontaneous, new and totally relevant for where we as conscious humans are at this time. Register even if you can’t attend live to get the recording and be part of this new experience.

Times and Dates:

  • Los Angeles: 6.30pm – Nov 20 (Wednesday)
  • New York: 9.30pm – Nov 20 (Wednesday)
  • Perth: 9.30am – Nov 21 (Thursday)
  • Melbourne/Sydney: 12.30pm  – Nov 20 (Thursday)
  • London: 1.30am  – Nov 20 (Thursday)

Length of each session: 90 mins

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