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Avalon Choir 2018 Message

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Enjoy this channeling session which took place during the Pineal Tones Avalon Choir gathering in Bath, UK on May 23. 

Greetings to you. We are with you. Do you know where you are? Do you understand that you are in many places beyond this 3rd Dimension and yet is is your physical body that allows you to experience this at this time?
Your body is a basis for entering the cosmos, not in terms of your physicality but in terms of an essence of you that belongs everywhere in every moment.  In fact you assemble in this way to act as a doorway, your physical bodies themselves are doorways.  Did you know this?

Your physicality was never designed to contain and yet the frustration you have experienced has been that you are contained by your physical experience.  Agree?  Who you are, what you can experience, what your identity is, has all been dictated to you by your physicality and yet our good friend, who you know as the Doctor, has understood from the very beginning that your physicality was never designed to limit you.
Indeed the physical form in its original design, (the original blueprint which was an intergalactic cooperative effort) was designed so that the human experience would be a doorway to more.  A doorway to more experience, a doorway to more identities and a doorway to more dimensions.  Indeed it is important that you realize that your bodies do not limit you and yet everything on the planet (all the structures, your systems of education, of monetary value,  your 3rd dimensional concept of linearity) all of this is designed to make you look outside of yourselves.

In fact we will challenge you if you believe that you can even go on a journey.  We are going to challenge you in this moment about your concept of what a journey is.  You believe perhaps that you will go on a journey that will take you somewhere where can knowyourselves.  Perhaps it will take you home.  Perhaps it will take you to others like you.  Perhaps it will take you to a great realm of understanding and wisdom and yet we say unto you that all of that is a mere distraction.  A distraction designed to take you away from yourself.
So we offer this perspective for you on this day; may your journey in discovery come to an end. May you finally understand that your physicality is the doorway to that which you see, that all of the wisdom of the cosmos is contained within you, that you cannot be limited and that the journey into your ascension is no longer necessary for you.  Indeed we are here with you at this time to acknowledge you and help you to understand that you are already enough.
But the great distraction into what is around you distracts you away from the nature of yourself, the nature of your DNA that is designed to create in any moment that which your consciousness desires to have an experience with.
We wish in this moment to collapse for you your notion that there is somewhere for you to go.  We wish to assist you in this moment to understand that you have already arrived and that what you have understood to be ascension is essentially dissension so that more of you can be here, so that more of you can claim the planet as the intergalactic ‘Garden of Eden’ that it was designed to be. Home to a species of human that are the ultimate creators of reality.

We wish to share with you for a moment the version of reality that you have found yourself in:  A version of reality that is completely based on cycle, a version of reality where change is very very difficult and you find yourselves looping in and out and in out of patterns of history, patterns of behaviours, patterns of trauma, patterns of memory.  Looping, looping, looping, looping – keeping you in the same blueprint – causing you all to be subject to a history that in many cases has nothing to do with you, for you Blessed Ones were designed to create, notto repeat.

So we say unto you this; let this gathering be an acknowledgement of the creators that you are.  Announce to every cell in your body and every fibre of your physicality that ye shall no longer be contained by a blueprint that has already be created, that ye shall no longer be subject to cycles of history – a never-ending loop of repetition.
Make this moment your announcement for you.  May you claim your birth right as the ultimate creative species to create a new earth, because that is why you are here.  And you will do it with your bodies and you will do it with your cells and you will do it with the DNA that you were created with, not the version that you have come to know.

So that is why you are here, because to change a planet is very difficult but to create a new one is very very simple.  You were designed for this.  All you have to do is claim your right to do so.
How difficult is it for you to give up your belief that you still have to work for it?

What an ingenious design; keep you distracted, keep you working, stop you from creating a new planet.  All of you have the most compassionate nature, all of you are so open in your desire for a world that you all know is possible.  It is part of who you are and it calls to you from within the very depths of the cells. It calls to you and that irritation that rises within you do not ignore it because the irritation is your original desire saying unto you “it is time”.

We will no longer work for our right to be the galactic Garden of Eden, we will no longer earn our way therethere, we will create it because that is what we were designed for.

So blessed ones we say unto you this; may you relax deeply into the knowing that you are enough, may you relax deeply into the knowing that you have done enough, and may you reclaim the capacity of creator-ship that you were designed for.
Peace be with you.