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Blueprint for Co-operation

Blueprint for Co operation

Greetings to you Blessed Ones you are with us.  Where are you?  You are in the Metropolis.  We say unto you that there was a time when there were many cultures in this place.  We have said that you are in this location to begin to embed the new Social Consciousness onto the planet. Therefore this is not just a place of aesthetic significance.  We say unto you that this place is reference to the beginning of the permeation of Unification.

There are many stories here about conflict and divide, however we say unto you there was also a great deal of tolerance.  The tolerance has not been remembered however because the glorification of power and the glorification of defeat, of victory. This kind of power and leadership is what has been celebrated and remembered…and not the manner in which humanity are able to live side by side.  

Let us bring you to your present moment on the planet, and let us bring you to this moment within your own nations where there is an impetus again to demonstrate power through defeat.  It is not the way the great civilisations were birthed – it is the way that they were ended.

You will continue to view in the following days this kind of ‘greatness’.  The scale of that demonstration will continue to increase in the next days.  Be very very mindful that the scale of that greatness has nothing to do with power and winning and losing.  It has nothing to do with oppression and it has nothing to do with defeat.  It has everything to do with inclusivity and cooperation because you will come to understand that nothing is borne without it and it is only the rise of power within certain segments of the civilisations that ignited the destruction.
Why?  Because the ignition of the destruction of identity happens with cooperation.  What is it that you have experienced here in recent days?  What is it you have experienced here in the mountains?  You have experienced that the end of your identity was ignited with cooperation, and that is why we brought you together in this way.

If you are going to seed a new planet it must begin with cooperation.  It stands the test of time.  Cooperation ignited the civilisation that was Atlantis but it was glory and defeat that ended it.  

Is there a question?

Q: So how can we help with our current world situation?

It is about announcing that you are here, announcing your visibility and announcing your presence – that is a cooperative effort in its own right.  All of you that come here (each and every one of you) have all the DNA coding for the entire humanity within your bodies.  We have a wonderful array.  DNA is designed not to be encapsulated.  It has a signal and an ability to resonate and reverberate between bodies so what expresses in resonance from your own DNA coding sends a message to the DNA coding of others.  Remember you are all water, remember you are all made of spheres.  The cooperation begins within you but it reverberates into the material design of all of humanity.  Just as the core was made in this location for many to come and cooperate the paradise that was here, so to does the reverberation and resonance echo out to create a paradise on the planet.  There is sound within you and every time you sit in the resonance of cooperation that sound is reverberating through all of humanity.  

Q: When we go back into our 3D environments how do we effect the greatest impact?

Are you in a 3D environment at this time? 


We would say unto you that you are still in 3D but your intention is elsewhere because your body maintains you in 3D.  Our answer to you is you must be willing to be conscious in every moment about the reverberation.  The reverberation is your ability to impact your environment and your reality.  We say unto you that you do not go back but you go forward.  Just as you did on the lake and just as you create wake.  The difference here is that there is no longer any resistance.  You believe that you experienced resistance on this day but we say unto you that you experienced universal support.

Q: So it is no longer about what are we up against?  It is about how many of us are listening?  It is a very different energy. So it is “lead by example?”

Of course.  Are you willing to become visible?

Not only with your words and your visual representations, but with your energetic signature: you call humanity in for cooperation and you have your new civilisation.  It is what all of you are here for.  All of you want more and all of you have come to expect more so we say unto you you hold the resonance for that to occur.  You are the seeders of humanity.  You bring humanity together in cooperation.  Do not believe what you hear.  Do not believe what you see in terms of rising conflict.  Rising conflict is the end of that which you no longer wish to engage with.  You do not need to focus on the prevention of that at this time.  This is about knowing that the new civilisation is where the focus is.  Agreed?

Q: How many of humanity are actually ignited and in that process of activating their DNA?

We would say unto you it is not a question of humanity igniting their own DNA.  It is a question of Consciousness waking up within that, and Consciousness wakes up within the ether of your humanity every time it wants to create a new experience.  But this is a new collective experience.  That is the new experience – collectivity and cooperation.  

Q: As we are walking and imprinting, I am curious about the vibration and its travelling and the levels that it is working at.

We would not use the word ‘levels’ but we would use the word ‘permeations’ or ‘permutations’.  We would say unto you it is a reverberation of resonance, a reverberation of sound, a reverberation of announcement: “I am walking here, hear me”.  Walk like Gods.  “I am here, hear me, hear my tone, hear my song.  Who will come and cooperate here?”
All of you are looking for your team are you not?  You are all looking for your tribe.  You must learn to walk deliberately with a reverberation that not only announces to the planet you are here but announces it to humanity, and the reverberation is echoed through the DNA and through the ether and people come.  You are all leaders, you are all Gods so go walk, be deliberate, create, call them in, that is what you came for.

May we thank those that walked in unison with us.  You perceive them to have walked before us but they walk with us in one moment and one time.  Feel into the cooperation, feel into the truth of the history here and walk in your truth.

Peace be with you.