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Expansion is the New Protection

Expansion is the New Protection

It is fairly typical for sensitivity to be viewed as some sort of hinderance to everyday life. Empaths tend to bemoan the state of collective humanity, and those who are acutely aware of environmental conditions, both physically and vibrationally, may find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to be comfortable on the planet. This is because humanity has not yet understood that it can no longer ease discomfort through mechanisms of protectionism.
As the boundaries of individuality are being dissolved, your light system requires space, and plenty of it, in order for you to be thriving in the current planetary conditions. Your new existence as collective beings means that you necessarily must remain connected to each other, connected to the planet, and also connected to the mass collective consciousness. Which is exactly what many a sensitive energy “worker” has been trying to disconnect from. And of course your new energy system won’t allow you to do it- you now require the collective field to be able to function efficiently. 

If you could observe your new light field, you would be able to see countless filaments of light extending out from your crystalline centre, expanding out into the ether and beyond. This is the new nervous system for humanity. It helps you to sense beyond your physical body, it transfers and receives information, and it requires connection to be able to continue functioning. This is where energy transference moves beyond what you can do physically. With this kind of system, sensitivity becomes a powerful tool, not a hinderance. It means you can sense things very easily, but the difference is that in this New Energy framework you can transform your environment. You don’t need to withdraw from it, or encapsulate yourself within it.

Many of you have been experiencing anxiety or depression recently, perhaps for the first time. Be aware that these feeling states can be reflective of a new expansive energy field that is trying to contract. Protection used to make you feel safe and comfortable, now it can cause irritation, lethargy, hopelessness and panic. The way through sensitivity for you now is to expand and completely take over your space. 

When you resist the old entrenched urge to contract in times of sensitivity, you thrust yourself into your new safety, because you allow yourself to connect to the safety of the All. You actually expand into the awareness of your natural state, which is being a part of the collective field, and so the need for the individual to control what is happening dissipates.  This can can be very confronting if you are used to self-protection. It is the opposite of what the human survival instinct would tell you to do. But allowing yourself to expand into the collective allows your nervous system to readjust to the environmental conditions without having to feel the discomfort of the initial reaction to stimuli. 

Consider for a moment the effect you can have on your surroundings if you expand instead of contracting. It means that the appearance of differing energetic frequencies must align to create one harmonising space. You effectively take over and realign your environment with yourself. That is the experience. Your resistance is gone, and so you experience the  harmony of collective synergy.

Expansion. Exposure. Visibility. Concepts that sensitive humans are not normally comfortable with, but these are the hallmarks of the New Human. And these are characteristics of Mastery.