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Fragmenting Identity – The Next 3 Months

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Blessed ones – greetings.  Can you see that everything that you are here for is only to really remember who you are ? It is when you come and you are aware that you don’t know, and you are clear that nothing is clear; that is the doorway you have been looking for.
So we say unto you that we invite you to come and move into the “I don’t know” because the next 4 months for you are going to be all about that- and it is such a wonderful opportunity, because what it means is that you are about to step into your “knowing everything”.  Just as you can’t experience unity without the fragmentation first, you can’t experience the all knowing unless you don’t know anything.  

Now as you know, I like my mountains. I like to go and retreat for some years and go into the solidarity and go into the lack of reference points, and go into the nothingness because that is a way in which I move through the “I don’t know”.  Only when all of the reference points were completely gone and all human contact was gone, and all concept of seasons and months and years were gone, that I had nothing left. And when I had nothing left that is when I didn’t know anything – it was all gone and I couldn’t reference anything, I couldn’t remember anything, I couldn’t be sure of anything.  And when it was all gone that is when I had access to everything.   That  is when the great knowing arose within me like a well and that is what you are all moving towards.  The term that is used that is “enlightenment” is really the doorway you pass through when you know that you have nothing and when it is all stripped away from you. 

But we understand that there aren’t too many mountains in this part of the world and no longer is it appropriate truly for humans to enter the doorway in that way.  There was a time on this planet when it was truly the way forward for it to be achieved and there was a time when the idea of the human mind and the human consciousness and the soul were very much individualised, and so it was appropriate for some individuals to do the learning in this way. But we say unto you this; the planet is in collective movement now and you will only achieve what it is that you really desire in that collective space and that collective ideology permeates into the physicality, which means that you are all likely to achieve what it is that your deepest desire holds by being with others, by being in the collective, by being reference points to many others.  

Let us tell you something, the most accessible doorway to you at this time (the body) is to become utterly confused.  The greatest doorway at this time is to welcome and become fragmentation.  Can you not see how it has been the greatest barrier to humanity and it’s understanding of its place in the cosmos because there is such a great fear of not knowing, great fear of fragmentation?  Humans are terrified of it, absolutely terrified  and the mind will do anything it can to fill itself with ideas and knowledge and constructs so as to avoid slipping into the void of nothingness.  You have an opportunity in the next 4 months to experience this confusion and this fragmentation, to become closer to the doorway to slip into the nothingness.  

There is currently an energetic vibrational frequency on the planet where the human body is no longer able to seamlessly congeal all of its aspects so that they function and reference of each other.  You are being split right apart so that you can’t grasp a true sense of who you are.  This is designed to completely disarm you of all you believe about yourself!  So we say to you blessed ones, be your own mountain, be willing to be with it, be willing to allow the avalanche, be willing to feel the conditions, be willing to feel the loneliness and the loss of bearings, the confusion about which day it is, the confusion about who you are because this is truly the doorway to discovering all that you are.  You have to be willing to give it up in order to get it all. 
And it is not about sacrifice, it is about being willing to drop any idea that you have about who you are.  There is a period that you can go through that is very troubling and there are many on the planet at this time that have struggled with the fragmentation and therefore have decided to leave the planet. Such is their desire to move swiftly into the multi-dimensional oneness and their experience of the Allness that they have decided to leave the planet.  So we say unto you it truly is a challenging time but we want to be very clear with you about this, so please be aware and remember that this is everything that you have asked for.  This is it, so please be with each other, reference each other, support each other, remind each other, that the fragmentation is the beginning of the great reunion of the self.  You now understand how important it was for us to bring together groups and communities because you are going to be needing each other in this way.  We are not saying to you that this is going to be the dark night of the soul, quite the contrary because this really is the grand entrance into the New Earth.  Whatever you shed, whatever you lose, whatever you have to give away is nothing compared to the depths of experience and lustre that life begins to take on once you have passed through the doorway and we say unto you that each and every one of you  are here for this.