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Humanity’s Original Blueprint – What were we designed for?

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Discover new perspectives about human capacity and design in this thought provoking and powerful discussion including channeled wisdom from The Masters.

Unlocking Humanity’s Galactic Blueprint: A Journey of Awakening and Evolution

Humanity’s quest for understanding its origins and purpose has always been fueled by a deep fascination with creation and existence. We find ourselves drawn to the vast expanse of the universe, pondering the intricate designs and blueprints that brought us into being. But amidst these cosmic musings, a crucial question emerges: what were we truly designed for?

In this exploration, we delve into the core concepts shared by visionary thinkers and ascension guides, transcending the limited human experience to uncover the secrets of our galactic blueprint and the transformative journey of the new human.

The Immortal Essence of Humanity

Revelations from profound discussions illuminate the timeless nature of the human template, unbounded by the constraints of conventional time. Our existence within a cyclic time loop on Earth allows for regeneration and renewal, transcending the limitations of a fixed physiological system. Originally, the design involved resetting the same physiological system repeatedly to perpetuate creation.

However, the introduction of a different human template altered our experience, imposing limitations on our true potential. Our present design is inherently programmable, carbon-based, and thought-focused, empowering us to shape our reality through our thoughts. Yet, there exists a deeper power within us, capable of manifesting reality in extraordinary ways. Perpetual time loops offer avenues for re-creation, allowing us to evolve and transform in unique forms.

Rebecca Dawson’s Profound Insights

Renowned consultant, speaker, and author, Rebecca Dawson, delves into the concept of an original human template—an idea that has captivated the minds and hearts of spiritual seekers and Masters across time. With over 25 years of wisdom transmission and teaching from various aspects of Source, Rebecca Dawson serves as a guiding light in understanding humanity’s paradigm shift toward multidimensional experiences, the mechanics of reality, and the human blueprint. 

Her work extends globally, collaborating in fields such as natural medicine, business, education, and new technologies. Through her teachings, Rebecca assists fellow teachers in the new energy realm, amplifying their capacities and deepening their understanding.

The Earth’s Time Loop and Original Designers

According to fascinating insights, time was not a creation of humanity, but rather introduced to impose limits on fractalization and encapsulate the holographic reality of Earth. The original designers, potentially the Andromedans, sought to experiment with creation within this system. In a state of timelessness, the essence of source yearned to explore the possibilities of fixed templates, ultimately shaping the current experience of Earth reality. For over 300,000 years, Earth has operated within a closed time loop system, hindering evolution and perpetuating repetitive cycles. The occurrence of resets, such as ice ages and topographical events, aligns with this understanding.

Humanity as Gateways and Portals

Humans serve as gateways and portals, capable of opening the magnetic field enveloping Earth and facilitating a return to a timeless state. The human form acts as an entry and exit point into the encapsulated realm, emphasizing the importance of deepening our awareness of the body as we traverse different states of consciousness.

As temples and portals, humans hold the power to unlock the multidimensionality of existence, restoring harmony and expansive potentials. 

Embracing Unpredictability and Evolution

Humanity’s natural inclination to seek predictability and control often stems from a desire for stability. However, disruptive and unpredictable experiences in our lives mark a return to our natural state, releasing repetitive patterns and opening doors to new possibilities. Our fascination with predictability extends even to weather patterns, showcasing our deep-rooted longing for consistency. Yet, embracing the unknown and relinquishing the need for constant control allows us to align with the inherent flow of the universe. As we surrender to the currents of unpredictability, we discover the transformative power of embracing evolution.

As we embrace evolution, we awaken to the interconnectedness of all things. We recognize that our individual paths are intricately woven into the tapestry of collective transformation. The willingness to evolve propels us forward on the path of self-discovery and self-realization, while contributing to the greater evolution of humanity as a whole.

Living in Alignment with Authenticity

Discovering freedom and joy through embracing our true selves

In this stage of human ascension, we are being called to trust the unfolding of our experience. The shift from rigid predictability to fluid adaptability invites us to let go of the need for certainty and welcome the magic of the unknown. It is within the realm of unpredictability that true growth and expansion reside.

Releasing societal expectations and honoring our unique path

By releasing our attachment to fixed outcomes and predetermined paths, we open ourselves to the vast array of possibilities that await us. Embracing the uncharted territories of our lives allows us to tap into our innate creativity and navigate the ever-changing landscape with curiosity and resilience.

In the face of unpredictability, we cultivate a deeper sense of presence and mindfulness. We learn to listen to the whispers of our intuition and trust the guidance of the universe within. Each moment becomes an opportunity for expansion, as we surrender to the wisdom of the unfolding experience.

Embodying the Essence of the New Humanity

By being in grace with the unknown, we discover our inherent resilience and adaptability. We tap into the wellspring of our inner strength and embrace the challenges and surprises that come our way. Instead of resisting change, we become active participants in co-creating our reality, harnessing the power of unpredictability to shape our lives in ways that align with our highest purpose.

Embracing unpredictability and evolution is not without its challenges. It requires us to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and attachments that no longer serve our growth. It demands a willingness to step into the unknown, to explore uncharted territories, and to navigate the ever-shifting tides of life with courage and grace.

As we surrender to the flow of unpredictability and embrace the transformative power of evolution, we discover the freedom and joy that come from living in alignment with our authentic selves. We become co-creators of our destiny, active participants in the grand unfolding of the New Human experience.

Embracing infinite possibilities in the new human experience

So, let us release our grip on the illusion of control and embrace the beauty and magic of the unknown. Let us dance with the rhythms of unpredictability and allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of the universe. In doing so, we embody the essence of the New Humanity, ever-evolving, ever-expanding, and ever-ready to embrace the infinite possibilities that unfold from us.