The Human Matrix Series


Immerse yourself in the exciting 4 week exploration: “The Human Matrix – Dimensions & DNA”

Join channeller Rebecca Dawson and her team of Masters for a 4 part immersive journey into the fabric of the Human design.

You will be exploring:

  • What the Human blueprint really is
  • The nature of DNA, how it is constructed, and it’s relationship to our reality
  • The secrets of your own design, and discovering how your awareness of the truth can alter your experience of reality.
  • Groundbreaking new information that will change the way you will see life.

This journey is full of insightful and important knowledge for those working in the healing arts, and those interested in moving beyond current understandings of the Earth Reality. Over 7 hours of content to immerse yourself in!

Week 1:
– DNA coding
– The human design
– The limitation of alignment
– The history of the Earth
– The original human design
– Creating beyond 3D
-The Glasshouse effect

Week 2:
– Opening up the DNA loop
– What about the mind?
– The Power of Belonging
– The Now & the New
– A story of a Finger
– Redefining “healing”

Week 3:
– How DNA creates fabric
– The role of the practitioner
– Extending into space
– Meditation exercises
– Case study: an experience of cancer
– New infrastructures of belief
– Changes in the Earth field

Week 4:
– The amplification effect of presence
– Potentialising vs creating
– Choice, habit & ice-cream
– Fragmentation
– The role of the pineal
– The reality of the Akash
– Being influential

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