The Zero Code


20 Audio tracks (6 hr 43 min) including 3 meditations, plus a 116 – page eBook

I’m so pleased to be able to release all the content from our most recent 4 week Channeled Intensive Series to all that are called to engage!

THE ZERO CODE – The Truth Behind Numbers & Creation was received in November 2018 in Perth and our very special team have been busy preparing transcripts and audios so that you are able to experience the power and magic of this incredible series in the comfort of your own home.

So many community members from around the world that were not able to attend in person requested we make it available as soon as possible – so here it is!

Over 6 hours of audio that include:

  • 20 channelled recordings
  • 4 meditations
  • A 116-page eBook

Going beyond what is commonly known about the patterns and vibrations of numbers, discover how the rhythm of numbers creates your world, and explore the nature of spherical realities.

In this channeled workshop you will explore:

  • The importance of creating from instability
  • The nature and numbers of dimensional reality
  • The conceptual significance of the sphere as the dimensional fabric
  • The power of the zero
  • What Leonardo Da Vinci understood about numbers, time and space.

New understandings, new skills and new perspectives as the nature of dimensional realities are revealed!

May you enjoy the remembrance of All that Is 🙂

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