The New Human Reality Masterclass


Audio and Transcript Package

  • 10 audio recordings

  • 100 page eBook

Our recent leading edge Masterclass Series – “The New Human Reality” is now available for you to experience as an audio and transcript package!

This 4 week channelled Series was hosted and facilitated by my team of channeled Masters here in Perth, Australia – and now we are releasing it to the world!

This Masterclass series will usher you beyond your previous sense of limitation and assist you in actualising what you know is possible, but have had difficulty in experiencing, and includes:

  •  8 Hours of audio recordings

  •  10 channelled tracks

  •  3 guided meditations (within track #2, #4 & #8)

  •  A 100-page Ebook

Dive in to:

 – exploring the nuances of DNA coding and how it colours your creations

 – understanding the role of the physical body in manifesting realities

 – going beyond current limitations of space and time

 – consciously experiencing your Multi-D capacity

 – uncovering ancient secrets of human creation

Get ready for the shift you’ve been waiting for!

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