The Origin Journey


The Origin Journey Experience…Discover Your Own Story

This multidimensional experience is being shared with you through a series of 20 channelled messages and transcripts that were were received during 12 days in Indonesia for our Galactic Origins Journey, March 2018. It has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and has completely shifted my view of reality, my physical expression, and my inner world.

The channellings were audio recorded on location in real time throughout Indonesia, and each has a very particular energetic signature. They are designed so your DNA can reverberate with the information.  Each recording is a portal, as you listen to them you move in your own way and experience your own journey.  Your mind can engage with the transcripts while your body responds to the energetic transmissions.

You’ll be hearing, reading, remembering and knowing as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into the content.

“This experience is designed not for your mind but for your DNA, not for your thoughts, but for your physicality – because it is time for humanity to understand that that which they seek, that which has eluded them, can be found in the very physicality of the human: the creative human is an incredible design.” – The Masters

There are 20 individual channeled sessions (over 6 hours of audio recordings) and a 97 page downloadable eBook containing all the transcriptions.

I’m delighted to be sharing this with you…may your Origin be ignited for the world to see.

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