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Humans have a very interesting idea about purpose.  They like to make purpose very individual.  They like to make purpose very meaningful in a special kind of way so that it supports your ideas.  Oh yes, it is Germain and I am here to challenge your identity again.  So before you all start to run out the door let us talk about the floor because this floor has absolutely no idea what it’s purpose is.  We know what it’s purpose is.  Why do we know what it’s purpose is?
Because we have a reference point and we have assigned it with a purpose.  If there were no humans here the floor would have no purpose.  It wouldn’t even know it existed.  You see the floor does know that it exists.  It knows that it exists because if has a point of reference in this 3rd dimensional world and usually the point of reference is the human egoic mind.  If you removed your human egoic mind you wouldn’t even be separate from this floor.  You would all be coexisting and none of you would have a purpose.  So when we say unto why are you here would it be terribly shattering to your egos if we said because you can be?  Because you are!  Or would it be terribly shattering if we said to you because you are acting as a reference point for this floor?  And without you here the floor wouldn’t have an identity.  And can you say how in your present human form your current role on this planet is to provide a reference point.  All of you are providing reference, providing reference – you are walking, talking units of information that can only work together as whole because without each other you don’t even really exist.  Who wants to challenge that?  

It reminds me of that saying “if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it does it really make a sound?”

Absolutely.  If no-one is identifying with it or referencing it or sees themselves as separate to it it doesn’t exist in this realm.  So you can see that without separation or the illusion of separation you can’t exist?  So all of you who are here that want to get out of duality and back into unity be aware that it will mean the end of you.  You will disappear – like a concept that once was and no longer is and no one will remember you, no one will be able to reference you – you will cease to exist.  How many of you want that?  Nobody wants that.  That is the function of the egoic mind is to make you want a purpose.  Not that we are trying to diminish you in any way because you are all aspects of light in your magnificence that radiates into every possible pocket of this universe but what we do mean to say to you is this:  when you start moving into multi-dimensionality be aware that you are working as reference – you are working with reference.  It is all about the reference.  It becomes less about you and more about what you are assisting to be possible, about what you are assisting to become visible, about what you are assisting to become actualised on this planet.  Because without you acting as reference points none of these new things are going to appear.  

So when we talk to you about being creators of the New Earth, and creators of the new systems and creators of the new Cities of Light be aware please that you are creators-  not only by holding the visions, but by acting as the reference points for them.  Your personal purpose is of absolutely no interest to us whatsoever.  That is why it is difficult for us to get speaking at many of these functions these days because didn’t Germain used to be the warm cuddly one with the violet flame?  Didn’t Germain used to be the one that had so much benevolence and love for human kind – yes?  That was so because Germain was referenced by humans – do you see?  But in the reality the energy of Germain is the same as the energy in this floor and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in your personal identity.  It is of great amusement within the 3rd dimensional realm to see what can permeate from an individual personality.  You are very creative but please be aware that while you are here in this room and while I am addressing you in this way your personality is of no interest because this floor needs to be referenced.  

Q: What are we reference points for?  What you are saying is when there is no duality there is no us, so what are we a reference for?

Serapis has been talking to you about moving towards multi-dimensionality, yes?  So what happens when you move towards multi-dimensional capacity and you are a reference point on this planet?  You begin to bring multi-dimensional awareness and capacity into being.  So it is not even really about you – it is not about your journey it is not about your capacity, it is not your multi-dimensionality; it is about acting as a reference point so that it can occur on this planet and become visible.  Making sense?

Q: So are you saying we disappear?

No- we need you here to hold the reality! What we are saying is that what you are going through on a personal transformative level is so that you can facilitate the change in perspective and reference it for the entire planet.