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Tolerance in the New Energy

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“Tolerance is an interesting concept because there are many that would surmise that the more spiritually conscious you are the more aware of your own self you are the more tolerant you are.

What we would say to you is this: the more that consciousness arises within you and the more that your authenticity comes to the surface the less tolerant you become of your own compromise. So it is not about becoming less tolerant of others, it is about becoming less tolerant of your own compromise. What you are starting to understand is that when you are with these people you are compromising and your consciousness will no longer tolerate it thus the irritability arises because this is a not a time for you to be compromising.

Obligation is based on an understanding of contractual history and you are not sitting in that space anymore, yet when you try and immerse yourself in the obligation of contract it feels very restrictive, and so the irritation arises within you because you consciousness does not want to compromise.”