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Exposure, Knowledge and Agreement – April 9 2020 Part 1

FB Dec 6 2019


PART ONE – Exposure, Acknowledgment and Agreement.

Blessed Ones we are with you. As we have always been, as you have always been. 

It’s important you understand that this is not a time for  restoring balance. For all things to be birthed there must be a point of agreement. Let us not speak about balance, let us speak about agreement. Balance is the fulcrum point, it’s an idealised state of negotiation, albeit temporary, between two aspects. In your case, light and dark, good and evil, the past and the future. What you are seeing on your planet at this time is an intense negotiation between two aspects. 

Let us speak about this in terms of agreement. When there is agreement between two aspects of experience, between the two sides of the scale, there is no longer a requirement for balance – there is an embodiment of totality of BOTH. Now when you see a negotiation of balance, one side must concede something, and the other side must concede something. Both of them must both concede total domination. Both of them must concede a sense of dominion, whether it be light or dark, whether it be good or evil. 

Agreement is the acceptance of the totality of each aspect of Source. 

We bring your attention to the balancing of energies on your planet. It is now about the complete acceptance and embodiment of BOTH. That’s why you’re seeing intensification at this time. One aspect must become completely embodied and acknowledged: there is agreement that it exists. Likewise, the other aspect must be embodied and acknowledged, then there is agreement that THAT exists. It is only when there is the agreement of the existence of both that there is no longer a requirement for this negotiation for balance: You have agreed that IT IS.

And it is only in the moment if IT IS that something new is birthed and formed. There is no longer a movement between new aspects, there is now a stillness as both of them meet. Balance suggests that it can shift again in any moment. It is only in a point of agreement, of complete actualisation and embodiment, that the requirement to exit in a dualistic manner becomes redundant. 

Therefore something new is birthed. This is exactly what is happening on your planet at this time – there is complete embodiment of what you would see as “the dark”, AND complete embodiment of what you would see as “the light”. It is not a battle, as many would understand it to be. It is complete EXPOSURE! 

With exposure there cannot be denial. One cannot deny the existence of the other, likewise, one cannot compete to become dominant over the other. This is not a battle of light of dark. It is an agreement that must be made and IS being made. An agreement that both aspects exist, and from there, there is Newness. This is what is occurring now on your planet. There is no longer a state of denial in the collective human consciousness. 

We have stated that there has been denial in the collective human consciousness. We have stated that the era of the “human unconscious” has come to an end. The collective human unconscious is a consciousness that is in denial that another aspect of Source, of Life, of human experience, exists. Forced denial perhaps. Elicited denial. Curated and manipulated denial. But denial nonetheless. Even those who are so sensitive within their vibrational fields, those humans who seek only to express love and compassion, have found themselves in recents times, recent days becoming irritated, perhaps becoming more biased, perhaps demanding change. Understand that this is highly symptomatic of a collective human unconscious that is moving out into consciousness, and therefore out of denial.

There is no requirement at this time or your to fight. There is a requirement to acknowledge WHAT IS and agree that it exists. That is the most transformative, creative birthing action that can occur on this planet at this time. It’s so powerful and it’s happening right now. Even your nights over the last few nights have become illuminated. Humanity is beginning to see – what is, what exists on your planet. Not so that it can be repaired, not even so it can be balanced, but so it can finally be acknowledged. A humanity that can see is a humanity that can choose. 

How many of you are attempting to over-manage and control your environments at this time? Interesting! This is highly indicative of a collective experience whereby you cannot bring about balance unless you are willing to acknowledge what exists. Even with your own personal environments you are being exposed to what exists. What exists? Whats exist within you? What exists within your family dynamic? What exists within your sense of what you can control, and what you cannot? Very important. This is happening on a cellular level, therefore it is happening within your immediate microcosmic universes AND it is happening on a grander macrocosmic scale for the planet and beyond. 

Exposure, acknowledgment, agreement:  the greatest transformational tool and and opportunity you have as apparent individuals, and that the planet has as a sovereign, collective, unified field of human awareness. 

And that, Blessed Ones, is All.