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Gestation, Nesting and Nationalism – April 9 2020 Part 2

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This is an incredible time, but it is not necessarily about birth, although birth is highly symbolic of the Newness and new form. The gestation period is what we wish to speak about on this day. 

Gestation – a time where there is little physical activity occurring in your eternal environment. However, there is a lot of activity happening within. It is a time that feels like a swelling and also a time that can feel disempowering. It is a time that feels as if there are restrictions, but also there is a sense of great expectancy. This time of gestation is a time for self-reflection and self-care. That is being birthed here in essence is a new experience of collectivity. 

We have spoken of this year 2-0-2-0 as a “shared experience”. Therefore humanity is moving into an era whereby nothing can be experienced in isolation. This will begin to become very apparent for you in terms of different facets of human of human experience. We have spoken of “convergence” with the physical, feeling state and mental experience. We have spoken of convergence with themes of application and creation, in terms of how you see and how you experience – the Experiencer and the Creator become One. At very basic and tangible level, within the next 24-27 years on the planet humanity begins to understand very clearly – with a very clear view – that there is no separation between the physical experience, the emotional experience and the mental experience. This is the Great Convergence. 


So if there is a gestation period for collective human consciousness at this time then it is also experience by the physical body and the mind. What happens to the mind when the female human moves into a gestation period? Those of you who have birthed physical children – what happens to you mind? 

(Guest) – Baby brain! It’s like the neural pathways aren’t working as usual. And we are more present.

Correct! The mind only wants to focus on the present moment, and during the gestation period your attention anywhere else can appear to be very fleeting. Anything you try to draw upon from strategies and structures that have worked for you previously become less available. That’s what begins to happen with the mind. We are bringing this to your attention at this time because this is exactly what will be happening for the human collective mental state within the next nine months on the planet.

This is all perfectly harmonious with what is happening with your education systems at this time. And the human mind begins to converge with physical and feeling state experience, it becomes more wired for creation rather than repetition. And so what you begin to discover is that the education systems on your planet will more difficult to engage with – not just because of your physical gestation, but also because of this mental gestation. 

What happens to the feeling state for humans during a time of physical gestation?

(Guest) – We feel more emotional. There is a shift of hormones, I remember I could cry at little things and the whole range of emotions feel more extreme.

Let us address that in two ways. First let us speak of hormones. What is the traditional endocrine system within the 3rd dimensional form? It’s a regulatory system – it regulates cycle. So when the human moves into gestation it requires a new system of functionality and operation. So the body, perceived through its feeling state, shifts into a new set of functioning cycles. 

On your planet at this time humanity is moving away from the collective karmic cycle – that perpetual cycle of motion – that has been sustained within the human form by the traditional endocrine system. Because you are now a collective humanity moving into gestation, the endocrine system is reformulating for a new cycle of experience. That’s what is happening on a physical level, and we have speaking about this for at least 7-8 years on your planet. The new endocrine system does not work in a cyclical pattern, it less paired with your lunar cycles (that’s another conversation), and it is more based upon what we liken to a “drip-feed” whereby only the amount of secretion that is required of your body at that time is made available for you. It is not regulated by cycle, it is regulated by the vibrational and electromagnetic fields of the planet, as to what kind of balance the human physical body requires. That’s one aspect.

The other aspect is that during gestation the feeling state is intensified because humanity as a whole is returning to its creator-state blueprint. Now the focus is Creatorship. To be able to create, you must be able to sense and exhibit awareness from within. The feeling state is the avenue for intuition. At this time, what you sense externally is not the same as what you sense internally. That is why there is confusion. The feeling state is the expression of your inner knowing that cannot be extrapolated and translated by the mind-brain in a very accurate way. Therefore your intuition and inner Source wisdom is being expressed through this enhanced feeling state. This is until the new functionality of the brain (because the mind is also in gestation) can begin to align more fully you internal state of knowing and begin to express it very accurately. 


So when the endocrine system, mind-brain, physical body are all in gestation, there is an amplification of intuition. Females in gestation are incredibly intuitive, agree? The mind stops functioning in the past or the future, and comes into the present. It’s exactly the same for the collective human experience. There is also a maternal instinct that is rising. It is a naturally enhanced state of compassion. The true maternal instinct is not fear-driven for survival, it is a instinct based on an impending creation. The “nesting” instinct will be become very apparent to you  during the next nine months on the planet. This is very important on a global level. 

The nesting instinct is happening right now on your planet. We mentioned early in 2-0-2-0 that it was very likely that you would begin to see nations start to move into independence and start to move away from mass organisation between nations. This is highly indicative of the internal sovereignty that is starting to rise within the human collective consciousness. Nations start to become sovereign as the individual starts to become sovereign. This is going to be very well indicated through this “nesting” instinct, because you will see that as sovereignty starts to come out within nation states, more attention will be given to creating environments that are more fertile for creation. How can you now make more comfortable environments for what is to come? So the national (rather than international) psyche and collective consciousness begins to focus upon “furnishing the nest”. And that is something that has not happened on your planet for quite some time.

Nesting in essence is not about protection – it’s about creating the ultimate space for what is to come. It is about preparing for Newness. There is a collective nesting that is happening. This nesting is not in preparation for an attack, it is not for building barriers, and it is not for self-preservation. It is the greatest compassionate act available for humanity – to create a nest for the sustenance of new life. 

The next nine months on this planet are about creating a collective nest for the sustenance of the New Humanity. Your values, your approach, your action, your view, and your presence is creating the nest for what come next. 

May the joy, peace and knowing within your hearts be that which is experienced by All.