Elements of a New Reality



A very special treasure from the Masters – at a time when humanity sits at the dawn of a new era of creation!

“Elements of a New Reality” encompasses 63 pages of profound wisdom from the Masters about the very pillars of our reality – the inherent qualities of life that we, as human Alchemists possess. Received over 4 weeks in 2019, this incredible transcript unlocks the hidden truth about the power of the elements that ALL life contains.

Delve deeply into secrets of the Elements as the Masters reveal their true wisdom, and their relevance in a New Paradigm of Humanity. Discover:

  • What Earth, Air, Fire & Water represent in the New Energy
  • How these foundations of 3D reality are transformed within 5D experience and beyond
  • The true nature of the elements, and what they reveal about Human potential
  • What has been hidden about these powerful symbols until now
  • What cosmic alchemists know about their true nature

This very special volume is being made available to you as a download.

If ever there was a time for humanity to understand the power of its ability to form reality – this is it! This is the time to discover the truth of YOU. Are you ready to unlock your power?

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