The Agreement


Create beyond the mechanics of third-dimensional law and reality

Now, more than ever before, humanity is awakening to the sovereign inherent power of Source. Something is stirring within the heart of humanity, an inner knowing that is being felt, but not yet understood. For many awakening humans, the question becomes “What is this I am sensing, and how do I express it into the external world?”

The wisdom contained within this book invites you to discover your truth in an entirely new way. Not through a requirement for devotion or ritual, or with structures of belief – but rather by stepping beyond the scaffolding that has maintained your sense of reality.

Not an inert volume of knowledge, but a living, vibrating entity that continues to reveal itself with every engagement, The Agreement is both a principle and a living essence. 

Discover the power of Agreement within the five pillars of your human experience, and ignite your inherent capacity to create a new reality. Agreement is the key to unlocking your limitation for experience. 

Agreement is the key to your freedom.

(238 pages)

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