The Game of Purpose Book


As we begin to navigate a new human reality, many of us find that we are losing our old identities. Who we used to be, and what used to bring us a sense of self no longer serves us for a life lived in joy. For many of us, the most important question becomes “What is my true purpose?”

This precious book is an invitation to explore the power behind this question, and challenge you to look beyond it – offering a glimpse of the totality of who you are. The words and concepts within this book guide you towards a clearer understanding of your existence, and encourage you to step beyond the confines and constraints of an identity that limits your potential for more.

The Masters’ words are accompanied by the multi-dimensional artworks of visionary Steve Creek, whose visual portals allow us to immerse our senses in the “unknown” and invite us into the New. It has been aesthetically designed to reflect the gift that it is – small enough to carry with you for a daily dose of wisdom, and full of beautiful colour.  

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