Fu – The Return of the Magnetic Human


“It is time for the true nature of humanity to be revealed. Time for the true nature of the Earth reality to be revealed. Time for the truth of your origin to be known.”
– The Masters

In the most powerful message yet from The Masters, the wisdom of Fu will re-contextualise your view of humanity, the Earth reality, and the Cosmos. Not a practice, but a principle for life, Fu invites us to return the Natural Law and magnetic design of humanity, while revealing the construct and coding for introduced systems of order that have become the foundation of a simulated Earth reality.

As humanity expands into 5D and beyond, there is a movement back into inherent capacity and Cosmic Law. A return to the Magnetic Human. The return of Fu.

Powerful, clear and life-changing information at a time when humanity is on the cusp of true Self-discovery…a true reclaiming of our sovereignty and freedom to know WHAT IS.

Understand the secrets of the ages, and unlock the truth of your existence.
(208 pages)

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“Wow. There was a moment when you were describing everything returning to you, like the breath going out and in and I glimpsed infinity, I glimpsed myself as source…” – M.M.

“I have been waiting my whole existence to hear this…” – S.M.

“Thank you so much… PACKED full of new information.” – A.R.

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